Xining Lodging


When friends come to Xining, I almost always recommend a hostel or one of the places on/near the Shida (Qinghai Normal University) campus. However, there is fancy stuff here for those that so desire.

Lete Hostel 理体青年旅舍
Located on the 16th floor of an apartment building in the close-to-downtown Guojicun (International Village) district, this unusually laid-out place is Xining’s nucleus for foreign travelers. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and the many common areas include a TV room, a bar-café, and a few balconies that – with their spectacular views over the Xining valley – are perfect places to spend a lazy afternoon.
-Dorms 35元 and up, doubles 120元 and up.
-Jiancai Xiang, International Village Apartments building 5, 15th-18th floor 建材向国际村公寓5号楼15-18层

Other Hostels: The “Colored Door Hostel” on Jiancai Xiang (150m west of the Lete) can’t accept foreigners. The new Mandala Hostel will soon be opening on Nanxiaojie just uphill from the beautiful Nanxiaojie mosque; take a look.

Jinjiang Hotel 锦江之星
This nationwide chain of hotels provides reliably clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced rooms. The most convenient locations in Xining are at Guojicun 国际村 (Nanxiaojie just north of Kunlun Lu), Dong Dajie 东大街 immediately to the east of the Mojia Jie market, and Shida (Qinghai Normal University; cnr. Wusi Xilu and Xuefu Xiang 五四西路和学府巷的路口).

Yinlong Hotel 银龙大酒店
Fanciest hotel in town. That’s pretty much all I know about this one, except that some of their rooms are more than 10,000 kuai(!!!).
-38 Huanghe Lu 黄河路 (opposite Zhongxin Guangchang 中心广场), 0971 616 6666

Jianyin Hotel建银宾馆
With an excellent location opposite Central Square at Ximen, this giant is currently undergoing a massive renovation; will be quite nice when it opens.

Qinghai Hotel 青海宾馆
Another fancy one, located right up the hill from the Yinlong at the top of Huanghe Lu. Known throughout town for their swimming pool.
-158 Huanghe Lu 黄河路 (south end), 0971 614 8999

Xining Hotel 西宁宾馆
For a throwback to the Xining of the 60’s, try this monumental Stalinist pile located on Qiyi Lu 七一路. Walk through a gate and around the forbidding-looking front building to find reception. This entire area can be sealed off when dignitaries visit.
-348 Qiyi Lu 七一路, 0971 846 3333



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