Connections and Absences

Written in one sitting in the morning…slightly blurry and strange. Enjoy…? Last night, the last dream I remember having was about one of my students. I was in the school gym after an event of some kind. Perhaps a basketball game, perhaps the seniors presenting their portfolios projects; the specifics are fuzzy, like many ofContinue reading “Connections and Absences”

An Acknowledgement of Profound Ignorance

Sorry for recent silence! This has been a very busy spring. Also, I can’t get a picture up here… “Stop talking about this.” Ms. Zhang abruptly turned towards me, her razor-sharp whisper a dramatic contrast from her previously cordial tone. “We can’t let the others hear.” We were in a second-floor barbershop, an upper-crust establishmentContinue reading “An Acknowledgement of Profound Ignorance”

Adventures Continue!

Cliches about having not updated the blog for ‘too long’ aside, I simply wanted to share recent adventures and happenings rather than delve into some deep sociocultural morass of ethics and behavior. We’ll see where that gets me. The last few months have been quite busy. To wit: I haven’t updated since Halloween. Many thingsContinue reading “Adventures Continue!”

Screw the Frostian “Two Roads” Imagery…

Not sure where this one came from/is going to. Also, pics are random; more to come. August has been a month of alternating extremes: at school, days of intense workaholism and days of utter boredom; in life, periods of intense responsibility and of carefree relaxedness; times of complete emotional involvement and of utter detachment; pressures of family life and friends’ troublesContinue reading “Screw the Frostian “Two Roads” Imagery…”