Rapid Update

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I promise I haven’t been ignoring this blog. I also haven’t been busy enough to have an excuse. It’s simply that I feel like I haven’t been in one place long enough to recently update.

San Francisco and the Bay Area and its associated hijinks. Oregon for a weekend, including visits with friends, skinning and skiing on Mt. Hood, and a great concert. Colorado for nearly a week, including learning about teaching social studies, skiing, visits with the father, and ridiculous amounts of snowfall. Back to San Francisco, where I’ve been working in a nearly silent office due to the kids and most staff being on an extended vacation, initially called “Ski Week” but recently renamed “February Break” in an effort to seem more proletarian and democratic (or at least egalitarian). Mini-adventures in the Bay Area (hotpot, Point Reyes, climbing, etc.). A long and exciting string of visits from some of my favorite people, including China friends, family, and buddies I haven’t seen since during/before college (the string of visits is really long: I’ve been hosting for a week, and I have visitors – not all of whom are staying here – stretching out before me from now until I leave for China in early April).

I will update substantively soon. Suffice to say that things are going well and that I’m excited for upcoming adventures, chief among which will be leading 20-plus eight graders to the Plateau for what I believe will probably be (for them) an experience of an admittedly young lifetime.

Overall, things are on the upswing. Feel free to stop by and visit. Now, if only we had seasons here, Oak Street would make a great ski run…

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