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Random Runs

I plunge downwards, through eyewashingly sunblanched meadows of chaparral and oak, foreground rendered glaringly invisible; background, a placidly aquamarine cirque, stretching outwards to rounded barrenly grassy hills; behind, a toy city. Distant background; waves, endless. Across rocky spurs and over … Continue reading

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Tour de China

I realize I’ve been somewhat remiss in describing my current life. As such, this is more of a “what-I-was-doing-last-month-and-why-I-didn’t-come-home-for-New-Year’s-(sorry-Mom-and-Dad!)”-style post, containing non- (or less-) introspective or self-examinatory writing. This is also for the benefit of CAIS parents, who are probably … Continue reading

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The plane floated gradually downwards through hazy skies; below, barren patchily snowcovered hills covered in untold centuries of agricultural terracing. Above, hills rise muscularly into snowily grasscovered mountains, the higher grassy slopes fringed with occasional remnant forests of spruce and … Continue reading

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