The Future

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So this will be a short post, as I’m extremely busy at the moment. Over the past week or so, I’ve decided to return to the states in August-September of this year. This has not been an easy decision, as I feel like I’m breaking a promise to my 2nd-year students. However, I have amassed enough frequent-flyer miles on United to be able to visit twice over the next year – something that will certainly help me continue this connection.

I am currently in Boston, visiting friends and attending interviews for teaching jobs. I’m excited to be here and visiting friends, though I miss the kids and am looking forward to going back to China. I’ll write more about life, experience and all sorts of things in the near future – when I’m slightly less busy.

That’s it for now! Happy new year to all!

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1 Response to The Future

  1. Maureen says:

    Looking foward to meeting you at the Hyde School tomarrow!

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