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The America

“Teacher”, asked one of my second-year students just before exam period. “What will you do when you go back to the America this winter?” The question, minor grammatical errors notwithstanding, was a good one. I wanted to come back to … Continue reading

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Another random theme…this was written a couple of weeks ago, but not ‘published’ here due to my inability to access this website from China. More coming soon… I’m just returning from a winter trip to beautiful Ganzi prefecture with my … Continue reading

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Top Five Koras in Amdo and Kham (At Least, Among The Places I’ve Been (Completely Subjective, Of Course))

Spirituality can be experienced and processed in many forms, from silent prayer to forms of self-flagellation, whether physical or mental. I have always felt a profound spirituality in movement as well as in the natural world. Judaism, the religion in … Continue reading

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