Quick Update

This isn’t a normal blog post; I’m only writing to briefly reassure friends and family. Contrary to popular opinion, I’m still alive and well. The internet to the region has been turned off, making communication a challenge. I’m writing this from the comfort of a youth hostel in Xining, where life seems to be going along with surprising normality.

As you (dear reader) might have heard, things have been rather exciting recently – and, simultaneously, incredibly boring. Read up on events elsewhere, but rest assured that I am safe, as well as (relatively) sound in mind and body. If you need to contact me, please use my cell phone, as it is unlikely I will have internet access until the next time I visit the big city – December 24 or so.

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One Response to Quick Update

  1. Florence MIni says:

    Jonas, fingers crossed for you and your students. Just know that I’m thinking of you!


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