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The Big Questions

This may become somewhat whiny. Forgive me; I’m in that kind of mood. The other day, Brooke and I were casually talking to our waiban when we casually broached the subject of motorcycles. This subject has been a touchy one … Continue reading

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Recent happenings

I realized that while I’ve written several blog posts recently, few have detailed what actually is happening in my life here in Rebgong. So without further ado, here are some highlights/memorable moments from the past several weeks. Going on an … Continue reading

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The countryside has been incredibly beautiful recently, with the patchy deciduous forests on the mountainsides yellowing seemingly to the point of bursting with color, then browning into their winter hues; the grasses turning a burnt ochre, snows, light and ephemeral, … Continue reading

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Education, Privilege and Deserving

This is sort of confused and convoluted…but I’m super-busy and just wanted to get something up on the blog. Enjoy (or not). Since its inception eight years ago, the Rebgong ETP program (where I teach) has remained small. Each year, … Continue reading

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Early Winter: October Break in Yushu

The evening following my birthday celebration with friends in Xining, Devin, Sarah, Seigi and I jumped on the 6:30 sleeper bus to Yushu for an October holiday backpacking trip. Armed with what we thought was appropriate cold-weather gear, hummus, and … Continue reading

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