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Familiarity and foreignness

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live where I do. I forget that Qinghai, for most Americans, is not ‘normal’; I forget what I have learned about this place and how it has changed me. Having friends come … Continue reading

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Tourism and Localness

Not a rant, but a confused musing. In early May, I traveled to Nangchen county, a remote area of skyscraping mountains, deep forested canyons, and wide grasslands abutting the TAR in Qinghai’s deep south. I spent the day I arrived … Continue reading

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A minor rant, enjoy or avoid at your own risk. Why do I write? Why do I post my thoughts and adventures and scattered disconnected near-incoherent musings up here for others to see? Why not just keep them within myself … Continue reading

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Opportunity: Recruiting students in Zeku and Henan

My school in Xining is it’s own insular little world, isolated from the realities of life in Qinghai province. The students are from the families of Qinghai’s elite. Many students are from other provinces: families from eastern China send their … Continue reading

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