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On support and generosity (and the lack of it)

This week was a wild mixture of incredible support and generosity on the part of my students (and of Brooke’s), and incredible lack of support and uncaring apathy on the part of some of my students and the school administration. … Continue reading

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Uncertainty is Fun!

Things are getting busy around here (as if they weren’t already). The semester will be ending in a few weeks, and, despite the winding down of normal classes and the gearing up for exams, my schedule is still being changed. … Continue reading

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Rant: Liberal Values and American Inaction

Not much of note happened this week, so – despite a strange adventure in the hills above town last weekend – I think I’ll go on a rant instead. I woke up this morning to find an article on the … Continue reading

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Chanukah in Golog

The title of this post, I think, effectively sums up the strangeness, randomness, and wild incongruity that has characterized this past week, especially my weekend trip to Golog prefecture. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as the week itself was … Continue reading

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