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Discipline and Punish

Discipline has become a constant challenge in three out of my six classes (senior 2 classes 11, 13 and 14). The students are rowdy; they are almost constantly talking so loudly that I cannot finish a single sentence. They throw … Continue reading

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The title of this post comes from the environmental protection slogans I see around town, which tell residents to protect the environment of their “大美青海” (Big Beautiful Qinghai) so it will always be that way. Sometimes I find the slogans … Continue reading

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My Ideal National Day Vacation

Before the beginning of the National Day vacation, I asked my students to write a journal entry about their ideal National Day vacation. If you could do anything, go anywhere, see any place, where would you go? What would you … Continue reading

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What vacation? and more stories…

“At school, we can make friends with different students and do activities together. That’s a good thing. Because we have chance to develop friendship, it’ll be important for our future. After all everybody need a group to achieve something together.” … Continue reading

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