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HK to Xining

Things have been moving kind of quickly since I last updated this post. I’m now in Xining, Qinghai province, in my awesome apartment and getting ready to teach lots of middle-school kids. How did I get here? This past week … Continue reading

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In transit

I’m sitting in the Riverside Hostel in Guangzhou, trying to reflect on my time here in Guangzhou while listening to the peaceful sound of jackhammers blasting apart the street outside. Ahh, China – everything constantly being built and nothing ever … Continue reading

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The Potato Show: 3rd week in 广州

This week I definitely got into more of a routine here in Guangzhou. Weekdays, I wake up in time to grab a bottle of chocolate milk tea and to prepare for the daily 听写 (tingxie, Chinese character dictation)  before heading … Continue reading

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Me Life is so Wondeful

This week passed me by about twice as fast as the first week, and I’m having trouble believing that it’ll only be two weeks until our little brigade of laowai parts ways, scattering to all corners of China to start … Continue reading

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