And so it begins

Welcome y’all to my new blog, which I will use to cover my time volunteering in China with VIA as well as anything else that I deem worthy. I’m writing from the Grandview RV park on the Glenn Highway in Alaska, where I’ve stopped to do laundry and take a shower on the way to Anchorage. I just finished up a short summer stint in McCarthy with St Elias Alpine Guides – an awesome outfit, look them up at – and I’m on my way to Guangzhou, China for a month of training. My time in McCarthy was amazing; I’ve been thinking of McCarthy as a grown-up version of the amazing hippy-Quaker summer camp I attended in Vermont when I was younger. Between open-mic nights at the Golden Saloon, leading ice climbing trips on the glacier, day-off hikes up to old mines and rocky peaks, and bonfires and guitar circles under the midnight sun (or, more accurately the midnight dusk), life in McCarthy working for St Elias Alpine Guides is truly special and I’m sad to be leaving. However, I know that other adventures are ahead – and that I can always come back next summer.

Right now, fellow guide Nate and I are driving towards the fair (e.g. strip-mall-laden) city of Anchorage to catch our respective flights – Nate to Icy Bay to write a story about glaciologists documenting the retreats of tidewater glaciers, me to Guangzhou for training. I’m going to miss Alaska (as always), but I’m ready for China – if not for Guangzhou’s searing heat and humidity.

I’ll leave it at that. This post is just a short intro – I’ll be writing more later (especially after arriving in China).

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4 Responses to And so it begins

  1. Emma Crimm says:

    HAH. oh jonas. this is quite the blog. you look like you are about to conquer the world. anyway, hopefully i will have access to skype tomorrow because i will be away from my computer, but maybe i will be able to use someone else’s.

  2. Deenah says:

    And so it does begin…or maybe simply continue. This will be great to read as your adventures evolve over the year.

  3. Dan Grenier says:

    Hello Jonas,

    I got your blog address from Kate Dempsey! Super mesh of word (adventure) and image… You clearly are having some fun, and it’s great to hear of your happenings. Anyway, all goes well here in the world of TNC Maine stewardship, though nowhere near as exciting as your path. I look forward to seeing/reading more.



  4. Kailah says:

    I’m finally (finally!) reading your blog, and really enjoying it. I’ve only read the very first entry and then the most recent few, but I look forward to catching up on the others. 🙂

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